The Story

CRAFT are creatures from planet CRAFT. They have come to play on planet Earth.

With their scpecial ability to transform, they have been changing their appearance and going to play in diferent households.

Regradless of age or gender, CRAFT has anunusual power that makes everyone fall in love with them and become a 'CRAFTHOLIC' - addicted to CRAFT.

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Rabbit type alien

Cheerful & chatty.
“Happy” is the favorite word.


Bear type alien

Calm, little eccentric. but funny.
Always wishes for universal peace.


Cat type alien

Respected as “Prof. KORAT”.
Reliable, always taking care of the others.


Monkey type alien

Easy going, greedy eater.
Let off a fart anywhere, Likes partying.


/CRAFTHOLIC designer

CRAFTHOLIC is a series of character that was started by Japanese designer Ikuko Yamamoto in 2008.

CRAFTHOLIC is cuddly, cute, simple and unique. We wish that our CRAFTs can make your day lovely and put smile on your face - to CRAFTHOLIC your day.

These day, CRAFTHOLIC is getting popular all over the world. We hope to continue creating new products that everyone loves. Don't miss it!

Craftholic Designer Blogs



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